How to Keep Yourself Entertained During the Pandemic

How to Keep Yourself Entertained During the Pandemic

Being cooped up in one place for too long can get tedious and monotonous very quickly, and it can get worse when you aren’t allowed to leave. There’s only so much a person can do in the confines of their home before everything begins to seem bland and pointless. So, how can you make things interesting to keep yourself from getting fed up?

Finding new ways to keep yourself entertained can be challenging, but it has become much easier considering that we can remain connected to the outside world through the internet. With affordable TV services, streaming services and high-speed internet, there is a lot we have to keep ourselves occupied!

Here are some ways through which you can keep themselves entertained during this hard time.

Cable TV

While a lot of us have somewhat abandoned watching TV after every type of content became available online, it might be time to dive back into the traditional ways of entertainment. Watching TV again can allow you to be more updated with things like news, talk shows, etc. It gives you content that you may not look for yourself online, and it’s a great way to discover more things that you may want to watch, rather than the same old stuff. TV is also a great way to focus on work, since a lot of people like to use the content as background noise for when they work out, paint, etc.


Podcasts have become increasingly popular, especially over the past year. The reason for this may be the fact that people are fed up with regular forms of entertainment, and are now switching to something new, but podcasts have definitely made their mark, as far an entertainment sources go. A lot of creators that previously strictly made visual content are now switching to this form of media, and surprisingly enough, their audience seems to be more than okay with it. This includes YouTubers, ex actors and actresses, as well as gamers.

Free Streaming Services

If you don’t have cable TV or a subscription to a paid streaming service like Netflix, your next best option is free steaming services that you can easily find online. These services use ad revenue to provide you with free content, which may or may not include your favorite TV shows and movies. However, there is one certainty that you’re bound to find something to watch on these platforms. YouTube, CW TV, Vimeo and Vudu are just a few examples. The best part is that some of them even provide you content on demand; all you really have to do is find the right service for you.

Health and Fitness

One of the most productive uses of your time, and something you will most certainly enjoy the result of is working out, or some light exercise every day. With how lives have generally become during this time, people have become lazy and immobile, which directly impacts both productivity and your overall mood. Bad physical health can negatively impact your quality of life, and can dim your energy levels. You can avoid this by following free workout routines that are available online; you just have to be consistent and determined.


One of the most calming activities a person can indulge in is gardening. Being surrounded by plants and flowers can fill you up with life and give you a healthier daily routine, since you have to care for them responsibly. This is also a great way to keep yourself from getting too lazy because a duty like this requires monitoring and diligence that will certainly keep you busy in a healthy and productive way.

Get a Pet

Just how plants give you a reason to fix your schedule and get things back on track, having a living, breathing animal will do the same thing.  A pet is known to relieve stress and allow owners to be happier in general, since they provide comfort and companionship, which can be especially vital during a time of isolation. Bear in mind, however, that this is a huge responsibility, and only people who can invest the right amount of money, time and effort into it should even consider getting a pet.


Since you are now spending almost all your time at home, it’s understandable that you might get tired of looking at the same thing every single day. Changing things up can really help things feel less monotonous, and will give you something fun and exciting to do while you’re at home. These changes don’t have to be too big; it can just be rearranging the furniture, adding a tapestry or mirror, adding more indoor plants, etc.

Work on Your Hobbies

For anyone who wanted to work on their hobbies during their free time but barely had any in the past, you can try to focus on them during your time at home. Whether it’s playing games, painting, graphic design or reading – you can invest a lot more time into things that you love doing, since the energy you previously spent going out is now conserved.


Entertainment doesn’t always have to be aimless; you can very easily find ways to remain occupied that can help you grow in whatever way you want, whether it be academically, creatively or even physically. The activities mentioned above can certainly help distract you from the state the world currently is in.

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