‘Onward’ is bought by Facebook |Studio behind VR Shooter

Recently, the social media giant broke the flow, announced their acquisition of interactive downpour – the most popular VR shooter developer and ‘Onward’. The title is available on the platform or company of Rift and Quest, as well as through the Steam Store Valve in the reality of Virtual Top Sellers in the next years recently.

Facebook is ready to add new developers to Stable Oculus Studios. The company has acquired Downpour Interactive, the team behind the VR shooter the first person onwards. However, Facebook has not revealed one of the financial provisions of this agreement but said that the entire studio would be included in this transaction.

This means for the future forward, two have said they continue to support the game on all platforms where it is currently available. And this all inclusive steam, where advanced out in early 2016. With Facebook’s financial support, rain plans to start his work on all new projects. Although it hasn’t shared any information besides saying it hopes to bring that experience to as many people as possible.

Facebook is always at height and on something shopping lately when it comes to VR Studios. This is an interesting agreement, especially after the company’s efforts to create the first ambitious person’s own shooter, since 2019 only, the company has acquired Beat Sabre Creator Beat Games, Sanzaru’s game and there is one more ready at dawn. At the end of this summer 2021, the latter will release a new game Lone Echo II.

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