Sailor Moon Eternal

Part 1 and 2 ‘Sailor Moon Eternal’ will be released on Netflix

Netflix recently obtained international streaming rights for the latest film, ‘Sailor Moon Eternal Franchise. ‘Sailor Moon Eternal‘ is one of the famous and largest anime ever acquired by the Netflix Streaming Platform. We are quite sure that fans must be very happy to hear that the two parts for ‘Sailor Moon Eggy’ will be on Netflix in June 2021.

When will ‘Sailor Moon Eggy’ will be released on Netflix?

On the official Netflix YouTube account for Anime Content, Trailer for ‘Sailor Moon Eggy’ has been released. If you are interested in watching the anime ‘Sailor Moon Abadi’ ever, then you must have to watch the trailer. ‘Sailor Moon Ethal’ has two parts and will be released internationally for people on June 3, 2021, namely Thursday. So, be prepared to watch ‘Sailor Moon Eggy’, if you are an anime lover.

What is the plot of ‘Sailor Moon Eggy’?

This is a film that takes place during a dream arc from Manga Sailor Moon and serves as a direct continuation for the Crystal Crystal Sailor’s anime series and acts as the fourth season.

During April when the mysterious solar eclipse occurred, Sailor Moon and Chibiusa met Helios, who were looking for girls just to break the golden crystal seal. Furthermore, Dead Moon Circus named Group came to conquer the earth, moon, and even the universe. Therefore, this is all we know about the plot of ‘Sailor Moon Eggy’ so far.

What time is run for both parts ‘Sailor Moon Eggy’?

According to the update, we must know that the two parts ‘Sailor Moon Eggy’ will have around 80 minutes. This means that a total of 160 minutes to watch 2 parts ‘Sailor Moon Eggy’.

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