Season 2 ‘Cursed’ Renewed or Canceled | Netflix

Netflix is arriving after about a year of the launch of Season 1 of Cursed and using a new fantasy series called Shadow and Bone. We chose to discover whether Netflix has revived Cursed for Season 2 or has canceled Season two. But, Netflix hasn’t declared the renewal of Season two of Cursed but let us talk. Below are a few of the things we know up to now about Season 2 of Cursed.

Has Netflix renewed Cursed for Season 2 or not?

Soon coming together with all the one-piece birthday of Cursed, it’s been discovered that the series isn’t yet renewed for Season two. And since time is passing by we could increasingly see it won’t occur. The audiences will normally have to wait around for 1-3 weeks for studying about the show’s fate on Netflix but this show was dead silent since the launch. Thus, this is just one bad indication that Netflix won’t renew this series to get a Season 2.

On the other hand, the reviews of the show proved finally combined but we’ve not discovered how well it did during analytics published by Netflix. We are aware that this is the show that just spent about 3-4 weeks at the top 10 listing on Netflix in both UK and US. Ergo, this is just one positive indication that says that the series will come back with a Season two.

Which cast members are expected to be seen in Season 2 of Cursed?

We can expect to see some of the Season 1 cast in Season 2 of Cursed. To know about the cast members, have a look down below.

  • Nimue- Katherine Langford
  • Arthur- Devon Turell
  • Merlin- Gustaf
  • Percival- Billy Jenkins
  • Lancelot- Daniel Sharman
  • Morgana- Shalom Brune-Franklin
  • Sister Iris- Emily Coates
  • Pym- Lily Newmark
  • Red Spear- Bella Dayne
  • Kaze- Adaku Onomogbo

Hence, it is very much unclear whether Matt Stokoe will continue with his role in Season 2 also or not.


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