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Filebot is a tool that helps you go wrong and change the name of the film, anime, and TV documents. It’s also amazing to get text for movies and TV shows that you have downloaded. Everyone knows that Filebot is the best programming to rename and monitor notes and download text. However, what happens that individuals are looking for filebot options? In the underlying stage of progress, Filebot is an open-source project that exclusively depends on crowdfunding.

However, filebot is not the only recording renamer or media coordinator that you can use. Maybe you don’t care about the interface, don’t have the desire to pay $ 20 for filebot permissions, looking for devices that are more designed for anime, or need something that checks new scenes for flooding and coordinates with Ombi.

The best filebot alternative scroll

We know that filebot is a traditional instrument to rename film, TV shows, or anime and download text and enforce by Windows, Linux, and Mac. Here in this article, we will give you the best option for filebot. So let’s start.


Mediaelch is a media recording coordinator and free file options. This is an open-source programming, and is not easy to make it work accurately. With Mediaelch, you will get the option to deal with your overall media records, including film documents, TV shows and music documents. You can choose WellSpring from your document name title by utilizing “scrapers.” Television. This is a decent application after you make it work.

Rename Master

Here is another free filebot option for you. Rename Master is an application where you will rename the entire package of your notes just by clicking the solitary mouse. You can take advantage of changing the master’s name on a Windows PC. The main comment about changing the name of the teacher is very important. The interface is not wasteful in any capacity, but works effectively to see this past. You can browse a large number of referrals to change the name to set your note names as you need.

There is no spotlight scratches for media records by changing the master’s name. You choose the naming guide you need and afterwards change various forms without delay moments.


Therenamer is a decent filebot choice; However, it didn’t work as expected with Windows 10. On your occasion is a Windows 10 client, you will be in an ideal situation that tries to change the TV name, which will check below it.

You can use Therenamer on Windows to sort the film documents and record TV shows quite well without problems. Thereenamer will scratch data from Google right as a broad set of data such as,,, and It guarantees that your notes are renamed in the most appropriate way.

Ember Media Manager

Other interesting filebot options are the Media Manager bucket. This application for Windows clients only, and when you first use the application, it will demand that you express it where your typical media documents are found and where you need it to save related artwork.

Coal media manager will, at that time, read the area on your PC that you specified and create a data set of your media documents. After this, you can see through a data set and change file names, art, and other related data. There is an initial work with a bucket media manager that you can use to coordinate with your notes.

Shoko Desktop

This is another alternative option. With the Shoko Desktop application, you have unlimited authorities over various your anime and allow you to deal with your variations in your way. With observers inherent, you can manage and sort out how settings in your variation are named and displayed.

You can collect related settings and can even create special channels depending on various models. This application provides a variety of apparatus to change your mixture accordingly


Change name – can be used on a Windows PC. It has a very basic look, this way makes a simple UI. This application provides a large number of directions that are renamed to set your note names in the way you need and have no spotlight scratches for media documents.

You can change the various file names on Double by basically selecting the naming instructions you need. With a reviewer, you can understand what will resemble a note before you change the name.

TV Rename

This one works well only on Windows 7 or a higher variant. For better results, we suggest you introduce Kodi. An interesting aspect of changing the TV name is that it educates you about the scenes that are missing from the various kinds of your TV documents. In addition, it also educates you about data like when TV shows will be on the next TV. Change the television name can again capture the names of TVDB.

Advanced Renamer

Renamer This is the only Windows application that empowers you to regulate media records and other documents. This provides a variety of strategies to change your notes. Advanced renamers can be used for images just like your media records. Renamer takes place allows you to try and add GPS information to the image. Renamer moved to work diverse to filebot in a strategy used to name your media notes that are not suitable for everyone.


Filebot tools help you manage and manage your video files. This helps rename TV, film and anime files. When it comes to taking film subtitles, Filebot is a surprise. This can give a subtitle to the TV show that you downloaded.

Most free tools function properly with filebot, and you will not regret using it. So if you are looking for the best filebot alternative, you can choose from this alternative.

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