Fix 5B00 Error Canon G2000

How to Fix 5B00 Error Canon G2000?

The Canon printer is famous for providing good and reliable services for users. But still, many canon users face many problems when using a Canon printer. Canon G2000 Error 5B00 is one of the common Canon printer mistakes faced by many users. This error appears because of overflow ink. When this error appears, your cartridge ink is wasted in vain. You must immediately correct this error.

There may be various reasons behind this error but this error mostly appears when you use a foreign cartridge on your Canon printer. Third party cartridges can cause damage to your printer and can affect print quality. If you want to prevent your device from Canon Error Code 5B00 then you must always install the original cartridge on your printer.

Some Canon printer users get this error because of the printhead. If your printhead is damaged then you can also get a 5B00 error. Open your Canon printer and check printhead. If it is damaged, install a new printhead on your printer. Sometimes printheads are dried when the printer has not been used for several days. Dry ink on printhead can also give you this mistake. You can use a clean printhead tool to clean all dry ink on your printhead. If not, you can also clean the printhead manually. Now try to print anytime from your printer to check whether your Canon 5B00 error is repaired or not.

How to fix G2000 flashing 7 times absorbent ink full error 5b00?

The best way to solve this error problem is to reset the ink absorbent to 0%.

You can follow the steps given to reset ink absorbers:

  • Download Canon Printer Service Tools from the Internet
  • Install settings on your device
  • Now open the tool and check whether all buttons and function are activated or not
  • If not, then you must activate all functions and buttons
  • If the button is gray it means that your printer has jammed or all printers are not connected to your PC
  • Look for the ink absorbent counter option
  • Look for the counter value option
  • Set the Counter Value to 0%
  • Now click the Set button

You will receive a confirmation message that says the function has been completed on your screen. If you get an error message; Your printer is not in service mode. Close the printer and restart your device and then try to complete an error.

Run your printer in service mode

Running the printer in service mode can also solve your Canon G2000 5B00 error problem. You can follow the steps given to run the printer in service mode:

  • Press the Stop button
  • Turn off your Canon printer
  • Hold and press the power button from your Canon Printer
  • Wait about 4-5 seconds until the blue light shines
  • Now press the Stop button for 6 times. When you press the button, every time the bulb color changes. After pressing the button 6 times, the Bulb shines blue.
  • Release the power button
  • Blue light will start flashing. Wait about 30-40 seconds until the blue light becomes stable. Now your printer runs in service mode. Connect the printer to the computer and check whether your error is 5b00 Canon G2000 repaired or not.

5B00 Error Restoring Program for Canon Printers

Restoring a Canon Printer You can also solve your error. When you get this error on your printer; Try resetting the printer and checking whether your mistake is repaired or not. Resetting the printer is very simple. You can easily reset the Canon printer by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Turn on your Canon printer
  • Press and hold the Reset button
  • Press and hold the button on the Canon Printer button
  • Now hold down the power button and release the reset button
  • Press the reset button twice while holding the power button
  • Wait for about 1 minute until you see an idle message
  • Open the cartridge holder cover and remove the cartridge
  • Install the cartridge again and turn off the printer.

Install the cartridge again and turn off the printer. Now cover the cartridge lid and initialize your printer. Now give a print order to your printer and check the mistake. You can also request the help of Canon Support Code 5B00 for assistance.

Run the Printer Troubleshooter

The error of your Canon printer 5b00 can be repaired by running the printer problem solvers. On a Windows device, you can run the problem solvers inbuilt printers that scan the device for errors related to printers and fix them. Run a printer problem solver that checks files related to error 5b00:

  • Close the print wizard error 5b00
  • Open the Settings page
  • Click Update & Security
  • Choose a troubleshoot page
  • Open the printer and click the Troubleshooting button
  • Windows problem solvers will run and check printer errors. On the results page,
  • check whether your mistake is repaired or not. If not, click on the report page and read about errors.

Check the printer cartridge

Users can enter into printing errors when your Canon printer cannot take cartridges. You cannot take mold when the cartridge is not placed correctly on the printer. When you get a 5B00 error on a Canon device; Check the cartridge. Open the Canon Printer and then remove your ink cartridge. Now check the contact PIN. Make sure the Canon printer cartridge pin is not damaged or crooked. After checking the cartridge, replace the device carefully. When you face a 5B00 error on the Canon device after you install the new cartridge then check the tape. This new cartridge has a tapes and proactive clips to prevent damage handling. But you have to remove the cassette and clip before installing it on your device. When the printer shows an error, check the cartridge for orange ribbons and clips. If you get an error because the cartridge is damaged then you have to buy a new cartridge for your device.

Jamming paper.

Jamming paper is a common mistake on the old Canon printer device. When you have an old printer then check the paper jam. Open the printer and for pieces of dust and paper. Your printer can enter the paper jam when the paper is torn during the printing process or when the paper roller has draw a few pages. Remove the piece of paper and clean the dust from your printer. Now restart the printer and check the 5B00 error.

Check your printer printhead and fuser

The 5B00 error can occur when your Canon device printhead is too hot. If you take a lot of prints and suddenly you get an error code then you need to turn off the printer. If you don’t then your printhead or fuser can be burned then you have to replace it. Wait until the printhead cools and then tries to take the mold. Check printheads and make sure it’s not clogged. Sometimes printhead is clogged with dry ink. You have to clean the printhead for better print quality and complete an error. Use a clean cloth to remove dry ink on your printer. Canon also has utility tools for cleaning printheads. After cleaning the printhead; Try to take the mold and check the error of 5b00.

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